Why do I have to scan my licence to enter the venue? It's a liquor licensing requirement and therefore a standard procedure across clubs across Victoria.

How long is my information kept on file? 6 to 12 months.

I came in yesterday, why do I need to scan my licence again? Your visitor pass only lasts for the date you scanned in on.

I got a message requesting that a member sign me in, what does this mean? This means that you live within a 10km radius of the club according to the address on your licence and liquor licensing requires you to be a member because we are a club and not a hotel. You can have a temporary pass for two visits but after that you'll need to join. See our staff for membership prices and benefits.

Do I have to be a member to come into the venue? No, but if you are 18 years or over you will need to sign in. Refusal to sign in will result in your entry to the venue being denied - no exceptions.

Do I need to be 18 years or over to use the facilities? No, but if you are under 18 years of age you must be accompanied by a parent or responsible legal guardian at all times. all unaccompanied minors will be asked to leave the premises - no exceptions.

I'm a member of another bowls club, will my card work in your venue? No, you must be a member of our club in order for your membership card to work in our venue. We do not hold reciprocal rights with any other venue/club in Australia.

Do I need to be with a member to enter the venue? No, everyone is welcome.

How do I become a member? Simply complete an application form which you can print from our website or ask for at reception. Once complete hand it in to a staff member who will assist you from there.

How much does membership cost? Membership pricing ranges from a once-off payment of $5 for a Facilities Membership, $24 per year Access Membership, $45 per year Club Membership or $100 per year Full Bowls Membership (all memberships are renewable at the beginning of each financial year. Memberships purchased throughout the financial year are priced pro rata)

What are the benefits of becoming a member? Click here to view a full list of our membership benefits.

Why should I swipe my membership card a the kiosk? Swiping your membership card at the kiosk will ensure that you receive entries into any promotions within the Club that you are eligible for. You can also view your points balance and "purchase" gift cards with your available points balance as well. Please see our friendly staff for more details.

Do you have an ATM? We have a cashpoint machine located at the bar beside our Keno and TAB terminals. Staff will need to assist you when getting cash out and there is a $2.50 surcharge applicable for all withdarwwls.

Do I need to book for lunch or dinner? Bookings are essential to ensure that you don't miss out during busier periods. They also help us to ensure that we have adequate staff rostered as well. Call the venue on 5174 2156 to make a booking today. Booking via email is not recommended as it is not monitored every day.

Do you have food available outside of lunch and dinner times? Outside of lunch and dinner times we have a snack menu available over the bar. The snack menu is available from 10.30am until 4.30pm. Our staff can also cook you one of our home made pizzas behind the bar at any time throughout the day/evening. Please see staff for toppings.

Are you open Christmas Day? No, it's the one day of the year we're closed to allow our staff to spend it with their families.

Do you cater for dietary requirements? Yes, please see our menu for dietary requirement options or ask one of our friendly staff.

What is your dress code? The Board and Management of Traralgon Bowls Club expect all members and visitors to maintain a neat and tidy appearance at all times whilst on the premises.

The following is NOT permitted whilst on the premises: bare feet; slippers; untidy, ripped or soiled clothing; offensive or obscene clothing; work singlets; football shorts or stubbies; hoodies up in gaming room. Your entry to the venue will be refused if you are wearing any of the above.

What are your opening hours?  Our opening hours are Monday - Tuesday 9.00am-11.30pm, Wednesday - Saturday 9.00am - 12.30am and Sunday 10.00am - 11.00pm.

Are you open on public holidays? We are open every day except for Christmas Day. Due to liquor licensing and the businesses operational requirements our opening hours may differ on public holidays. Please phone the venue to confirm our opening hours during these times.

Can minors in your venue consume alcohol?  No, it is a criminal offence to supply liquor to a minor. Patrons found abusing this policy will be asked to leave the premises. Hefty fines apply for breaches.

Can minors remain on your premises for the duration of your opening hours? No, minors must vacate the premises by no later than 10.00pm. The only exception being pre-booked functions in a private room that have made prior arrangements with Club Management.

Can I bring my own alcohol onto your premises? No, we do not hold a BYO licence and patrons found to be doing this will be asked to leave the premises.